Ali is probably still a virgin.



Erm are we forgetting the whole part where she thought she was pregnant.

Did Alison confirm she thought she was pregnant? We only know this from CeCe’s story (/lies)…

Ali gurl you betta TELL ALL

Things Alison needs to clarify:

- Was faking her own death planned?
- Who are the people she was staying in touch with (besides Shana)
- Her whole relationship with Ezra Fitz - beginning to end or whatever is going on right now… Is he in fact ‘board shorts’?
- What’s her take on Mona and Mona as previous A?
- Did she in fact visit all 4 liars or were some of those hallucinations?
- What the heck Mrs. Grunwalds whole story is…
- Who she trusts and who she doesn’t trust and W H Y
- Who hurt her the night Mrs. Hastings saw her lip all busted
- Anything she knows about the current A
- Why she was a total bitch to the girls in the past
- Gurl how you keep your hair so nice if you aint got a home

The Real Pretty Little Liars

What if the writers are just messing around with us?
I’ve seen a lot of people saying (and I 100% agree) that it’s really messy of them to comment through social media and interviews on things that totally change how we see the plot, yet we see nothing of that on the actual show (for instance that whoever put the knives in Jake’s bag wasn’t Ezra - anyone watching the show without following the writers on the internet is going to keep believing it was Ezra and that he is shadier than he seems… But now we are all trying to figure out who else that could be *btw calling it Jason* jst based on tweets…)
On one hand I am kinda mad that they are doing this because it means their writing wasn’t enough for the plot to be clear and make sense on its own…
On the other hand, I eagerly await their every tweet and base all my theories on their little confirmations and what not lol.
Still! I somehow still expect them to be the awesome writers they always seemed to be and maybe they know exactly what they are doing and like the very characters they created, they are our pretty little liars, misleading us and bluffing shamelessly just so we have no clue what’s coming for us.

Jenna Knew Shana

Shana tells Emily that Ali sent her to Rosewood to get close to people and find out who Ali should be afraid of… When Emily asks about Jenna, and why Shana is her friend, Shana responds with “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”… implying that the only reason she’s with Jenna is to find out more for Ali. 

However, in the 2nd season finale, we see Jenna meeting up with someone who we later figure out is Shana (because of the scarf she gives her). Jenna greets Shana with something along the lines of “I’ve been waiting to see you AGAIN”… meaning Jenna knew Shana before Shana came to Rosewood to snoop around for Ali. 

How did Jenna know Shana? 

Also, why the heck were they all over Wilden and what did they have to do with Melissa on the night of the fire?

Seems to me like Shana’s is up to more than just helping Alison out… (maybe she’s the one with a twin? lol)


I understand Hanna might be looking out for Aria and her family… but on the other hand, isn’t it kind of weird and suspicious that she wouldn’t let Aria tell the school principal about Ezra? Like she didn’t want him to get in trouble? (any Hanna is A theorists out there willing to hear me out?) Aria would get the perfect revenge by doing this and I don’t think her name could get any worse, like the entire school was already making fun of her and everyone already knew they were dating so what’s the big deal? Ezra totally deserves it and I wish she would have told on him… but like Hanna WTF why are you ruining it?

Rewatching 4X16 - Jason started a fight in a bar

Mr. Hastings tells Spencer that Jason relapsed, went back to drinking and got arrested for starting a fight in a bar. I thought, “hey that’s interesting… does anyone else look like they were in a fight on this episode? I don’t remember…”

A few minutes later along comes Jake! He’s back from his tournament and he’s beaten up pretty badly. He tells Aria it’s from the tournament, but all I could think was - YOOOO it’s from Jason! 

They’re both out of town, too… so maybe? Why mention Jason being arrested for a bar fight if we never know why he started a fight and with whom?

And I was thinking about how there are knives in Jake’s punching bag and it was CONFIRMED by a writer on the show that Ezra was NOT the one to put the knives there… So who did? Not buying the Aria is A one here, and she and Ezra are the only people on the show who know Jake… (except for Holden, who we haven’t heard of in a while)… So maybe, Jason knows Jake and has some sort of problem with him? Maybe he’s the one who put knives in his bag? whoawhoawhoa

"It’s My Turn to Torture You"

I keep thinking back to before Alison disappeared, remember - she was being tortured by ‘A’… I don’t know if this is the same ‘A’ that has been torturing the girls… We know it was confirmed that the first and original ‘A’ on the show for season 1 + 2 was Mona (and I think she was already getting help from Toby by the end of season 2?), but I don’t think Mona’s the same ‘A’ that was after Alison. I think she knew about that ‘A’ and was kind of recruited by ‘A’ to torture the girls.

So, we know that ‘A’ told Alison: “It’s my turn to torture you.” This means that ‘A’ is seeking revenge, specifically towards Alison. Who did Ali torture so badly that wants to get some payback as badly as ‘A’ does? Maybe:

  • Mona was bullied by Ali, but we already know she was (or still is) on the ‘A’ team. She also said, on the 2nd season finale, that she wasn’t seeking revenge over how Ali treated her, but over Hanna leaving her and the other 3 girls taking her best friend from her.
  • Lucas was bullied by Ali, but once again we know that Mona was making him do things as ‘A’ for her. 
  • Jenna was blinded and pretty much bullied by Ali and although she hangs around with loads of suspicous characters (NAT club and Shana), I do believe that she was (and is once again) blind and I don’t think ‘A’ is blind (even if Big A doesn’t have to do anything but give out orders to the ‘A’ team).
  • All 4 girls were often bullied by Alison - especially Hanna, who was treated horribly by her “best friend” and Emily, who was deeply hurt and humiliated by Alison. I still, however, don’t think any of the girls consider this torture and I don’t think they would have the need for revenge for 4 years over the things we’ve seen Ali do to them. 
  • Toby was almost romantically involved with Alison and she also threatened him and treated him badly. Maybe there are other things we don’t know about their relationship? Still, Toby was recruited by Mona to be on the ‘A’ team, so no big reveal there…

OK so I have a few theories about who this person who wanted revenge so badly could be.

Theory #1 : Cece Drake had a twin sister. I think only one of them knows about the other… And if we’re going for the whole sane twin vs. insane twin thing, I’m thinking the Cece that Alison used to hang out with was the insane twin, who knew about the other sane twin. However, I don’t think Cece’s twin knows about her. 

Remember Mrs. D’s story about how Ali and Cece would dress up like each other, act like twins, do really stupid and hurtful things (like Cece going to Radley and pretending she’s Alison - how sick is that? What was the point in that? Dressing up like Ali and going to a mental institution claiming she wants to stay there… who the heck does that?) Well, seems to me like Cece was trying to recreate her own relationship with her sane twin (who doesn’t even know she exists) by convincing Alison to act like her twin and become obsessed with the idea of having a twin.

I think she told Alison about her twin… and I think part of their evil little games was torturing Cece’s twin sister. The Cece who was kicked out of college? That was the sane twin. It was Alison and the insane twin who did that to her, along with a bunch of other stuff we haven’t seen yet. I think the sane twin found out that the person who was doing these things to her was in fact Alison (and she didn’t realize that Ali wasn’t doing it alone, but with a twin sister that she doesn’t know about) and so she started getting back at Alison with threats.

This is basically saying that instead of Alison having a twin, like in the books, she gets involved with 2 twins and ends up in trouble because of it. I think the body that was buried is one of the Drake twins - either the sane or insane one - and I think that the body was put there by Alison, with all 4 girls there to witness but forget completely.

This means that the Cece we know is either the sane or insane twin and is the same ‘A’ that was getting back at Ali back then and is getting back at the girls for killing her twin sister…(there’s a lot to think about if Cece Drake has a twin, obviously. I haven’t gone too deep into it, I just wanted to look at the option of Cece/twin wanting to torture Ali).

Theory #2 : Mrs. D is an incredibly insane mother and was tired of Alison’s sh*t and decided to start torturing her just like her daughter was doing to her with her lies and games and threats. After Alison disappears, Mrs. D believes her friends are guilty and she regrets torturing her daughter and goes after the girls as well… (this is a really weird theory and I dunno what to say about it anymore than this lol)

Theory #3 : Spencer’s ‘sleepwalking personality’ - I know I kind of ruled out the girls as the original ‘A’ that was getting to Alison, but I think maybe a “2nd personality” of one of them could still be it. We know that back then Spencer was having trouble with her drugs. This probably wasn’t going on just a few days (meaning, not only on the night that Alison disappeared)… This had to take place at least several weeks if not months, until her parents found out (the only reason her parents found out so quickly this time is because they already had experience with it before). What if Spencer was SO jealous of Alison and tired of her games and was unkowingly threatening Ali as ‘A’ when she wasn’t fully awake/aware of her actions. This could mean that Spencer was the first ‘A’ and after Alison disappeared she stopped… (and was later attacked by a different ‘A’, like Mona)…

EITHER WAY! I think it’s important to remember that Alison was getting threats by an ‘A’ way before any of the girls knew about ‘this monster’ and we should keep that in mind whenever we look at how CRAZY Alison seemed with her wild moods swings and how she would change her mind in the middle of a sentence… almost as if she was being forced to act in a certain way, being blackmailed, being threatened… Maybe she was being forced by ‘A’ to make Hanna throw up, forced by ‘A’ to hurt Emily’s feelings… maybe she was forced by ‘A’ to push the girls to tell their secrets (like telling Spencer she had to tell Melissa about her and Ian’s kiss, telling Aria she had to tell her mother about Byron’s affair). I think Ali was pretty bitchy, but I also think a lot of her odd and mean behavior wasn’t just her need to control and rule over everyone, but maybe things she had to do because somebody, ‘A’, was forcing her.