Mona is the one who dies this season

reading theories and pretty convinced this will happen. in the books she died much earlier so it’s basically her destiny anyway. will extremely miss her if so. she’s one of my favorite characters on pll :( but it would totally fit. ugh mike will be devasted.



In my CeCe theory, I mentioned that I suspect Wren is Beach Hottie. I want to elaborate on that. Here it is!


In summer 2009, Ali went to Cape May with an older crowd. “CeCe” introduced her to Wilden, and they were sometimes joined by CeCe’s high school pal Melissa. Since Melissa had broken…

really enjoyed reading this. i’m in love with the idea that ali had a baby while she was gone.

HOLD UP EZRA, what did you just say?

In 5X05, pie scene, right before the hot sex, Ezra says to Aria:

"This is what she did to me. I’m lucky to be alive and so are you. Just like she told you, remember? Shana wasn’t playing a game.

I know abs are out in the open so it’s hard to focus on the dialogue but once I heard him say that I found it strange that he knew what Shana said to the girls in the theater (when they told her she’s just like Mona and Shana said she isn’t like Mona and that this isn’t a game…)

UHHHH how does Ezra know this? I mean, is there a scene I’m missing where Aria tells Ezra what Shana said? Did Alison tell Ezra? Is this a mess up? Is this a clue? Ezra you being shady AGAIN and you cannot distract me with ezria sex this time because I remember chickpeas and I will always remember chickpeas and think twice about what Ezra does and says ok???

Aria doesn’t seem to find this strange so maybe I really am missing something or maybe she did tell him every little detail of what happened, we just didn’t see that on screen… but if this isn’t the case then it opens up a bunch of options as to how Ezra knows this. I just think the writers said like a million times that there is a clue in this pie scene so I’m checking it out now.

Aria’s Mother

The strangest friggin thing just came to my mind…? I guess I’ve been reading too many ‘Aria is A’ theories. Anyway, I’m just gonna say it - 

What if Byron and Ella aren’t Aria’s real parents, but Byron’s brother is Aria’s real father and because of his mental state, when Aria was born she was adopted by Byron and Ella and never knew about her uncle? What if her real mother is another mental patient that the uncle fell in love with and had Aria with? And so they took Aria from them and maybe Byron’s brother passed away, leaving behind a crazy widow, whose daughter (Aria) was taken away from her… she could be black veil, a former patient in Radley who has been watching Aria her whole life and also probably knew Bethany?

UGH I SHOULD NEVER GO ON THE ARIA IS A TAG. I always end up writing the plot for an entirely new show instead of figuring out PLL. 

I ship Pam and Wayne Fields

So Emily’s parents are the only ones who are still together?

Ashley and Tom, Byron and Ella, Kenneth and Jessica and now Peter and Veronica - all split up…


Also, Caleb’s parents weren’t together, Toby’s father is with Jenna’s mom, Ezra’s parents are divorced as well… jeez :(

Mr. and Mrs. Fields need to stay strong dammit. 

(if Wayne dies this season I WILL NOT FORGIVE THE WRITERS)

Wren and Bethany = Siblings/Twins

Just something that popped in my head. It would explain:

- Wren being a character on the show at all
- Wren spending an awful lot of time at Radley
- His father had some sort of mental illness and Bethany could have inherited it
- We see Wren at Radley with that drawing of the family and it connects us to Bethany’s drawing abilities… Maybe one of her passtimes as a patient was also drawing sketches that the staff could use for other patients (like Wren asked Mona what this drawing made her feel and so on) but also Mona might have known that this was something Bethany had drawn and so that whole scene between her and Wren could be about something else (it clearly is too, they’re very cryptic about stuff there…so maybe the drawing has more meaning than first implied)
- Assuming the cabin Ezra took Aria to, which belonged to a friend who was out of the country (say, in London) belongs to Wren, he once again has drawings - the black and white train with just a bit of red - that look just like something that his sister Bethany would draw (according to the recent drawings found) and Wren would keep them
- Wren would obviously be A or on the A team trying to get back at whoever killed Bethany
- It’s possible that Melissa knows about Bethany and she also seems to know who killed her… Since she is sort of on Wren’s side, she could be helping anyone who is trying to get back at whoever killed Bethany… Meaning she would be helping Wren as A (and still protecting Spencer from the inside)
- I’m pretty sure the girls were involved in some way with Bethany’s murder while they were drugged that night so I think Wren is trying to get back at them and Alison because he knows it was them

Also noted by heartandchaos Wren talked to Hanna about having an ambiguous loss and if Bethany is his sister it would certainly be one for him seeing as she first disappeared mysteriously and then was found murdered, Wren was left without closure (and seeks it as A)

I feel like the 100th episode was like birthday cake (or key lime pie) for almost all shippers