Wren and Bethany = Siblings/Twins

Just something that popped in my head. It would explain:

- Wren being a character on the show at all
- Wren spending an awful lot of time at Radley
- His father had some sort of mental illness and Bethany could have inherited it
- We see Wren at Radley with that drawing of the family and it connects us to Bethany’s drawing abilities… Maybe one of her passtimes as a patient was also drawing sketches that the staff could use for other patients (like Wren asked Mona what this drawing made her feel and so on) but also Mona might have known that this was something Bethany had drawn and so that whole scene between her and Wren could be about something else (it clearly is too, they’re very cryptic about stuff there…so maybe the drawing has more meaning than first implied)
- Assuming the cabin Ezra took Aria to, which belonged to a friend who was out of the country (say, in London) belongs to Wren, he once again has drawings - the black and white train with just a bit of red - that look just like something that his sister Bethany would draw (according to the recent drawings found) and Wren would keep them
- Wren would obviously be A or on the A team trying to get back at whoever killed Bethany
- It’s possible that Melissa knows about Bethany and she also seems to know who killed her… Since she is sort of on Wren’s side, she could be helping anyone who is trying to get back at whoever killed Bethany… Meaning she would be helping Wren as A (and still protecting Spencer from the inside)
- I’m pretty sure the girls were involved in some way with Bethany’s murder while they were drugged that night so I think Wren is trying to get back at them and Alison because he knows it was them

Also noted by heartandchaos Wren talked to Hanna about having an ambiguous loss and if Bethany is his sister it would certainly be one for him seeing as she first disappeared mysteriously and then was found murdered, Wren was left without closure (and seeks it as A)